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Remote Monitoring w/Reporting and Notifications

($40 per server / $20 per all other devices)
  • Verifies computers are running in a stable and secure fashion
  • Monitor for health
    • Error conditions
    • Overall performance
  • Notifications of problems
  • Monthly CER Reporting

Endpoint Security Manager

  • A complete security management system
    • Anti-virus
    • Anti-spyware
    • Anti-malware management
    • Application licensing management
    • Intrusion prevention
    • Security policy management
    • Customized security reports

Performance Monitoring

  • In-depth monitoring of servers, workstation and network devices

Performance Reporting

  • Regular CIO meetings to review customized reports, overall network health and strategic IT planning

Device Maintenance

  • Basic automated maintenance and self-healing solutions applied to server, workstations and network devices

Patch Management

  • Monitoring and management of patch levels
    • Ensuring desktops, servers and other core network devices are kept up to date

Application Monitoring

  • Monitoring
    • Email availability
    • Outlook web access
    • SQL Database
    • Terminal Services

License Compliance Reporting

  • Reports outlining compliance with application licensing requirements

Backup Monitoring

  • Monitoring the success or failure of data backup

Printer Monitoring

  • Monitoring printers to keep track of page count and toner levels