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Frustration Cause Their Cost CISI Managed Service Solution Our Cost
Time to fix
Takes too long to react and fix problems
Getting a technician onsite to diagnose and fix problems $150 min Hour & Cost of salaries to none productive employees 24x7 performance monitoring and remote preventative maintenance Monthly contract
Lack of prevention
Most IT services are just reactive
No standards for delivering preventative maintenance where and when required Annual IT Budget is Unpredictable Remote monitoring and preventative maintenance is a proactive way of making your IT network more reliable, stable secure and productive for employees Predictive IT Budget
Knowledge level
Need of a senior engineer but a junior technician is sent
Lack of information on IT issues impedes early diagnosis, troubleshooting and resource allocation Cost unpredictable Remote Monitoring
  • Rapid diagnosis
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Diagnosis if onsite maintenance is needed
Monthly contract:
If onsite is needed minimal cost
Unpredictable costs
Cost and unpredictability impacts budgeting and planning
Consequence of responding to issues as they arise instead of managing systems proactively Inflated IT repair costs, loss of salaries, poss. Loss of clients, poss. cost overtime Preventative Maintenance gives a predictable IT Budget Affordable & Predictable IT Budget

Benefits of CISI’s Managed Services

  • Significantly improved overall system reliability and performance
    • Prevents issues, reduces downtime impact and duration
  • IT spending focused on issue avoidance and service optimization rather than "fighting fires"
    • Through preventative maintenance
  • Predictable network and system management costs
    • Majority of support activity is pre-scheduled or automated
    • Alignment of IT support with your business needs Improved security
  • Improved security
    • Minimize risk of intrusion, data theft and lost productivity
  • An outsourced IT management solution
    • Focus on your core competence and not your network

Managed Service Program – Monitoring and Preventative Maintenance

  • Remote Monitoring of vital systems of your network
  • Ongoing remote preventative maintenance of your devices to ensure reliability and security
  • Endpoint Security
    • Secured network perimeter, policies and manages virus protection
    • Ensures your antivirus programs are functioning properly
    • Latest industry security update
  • Remote response for maintenance
    • Resolves most issues
  • Server Configuration
    • Provides the utmost in security and productivity
  • CER Monthly Reporting
    • All activity of network
    • All work preformed
  • Help Desk
    • First hour free per incident